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Balanced Body Challenge

Kick-start your fitness journey and explore a variety of workout types with Balanced Body.

  • Circuit style
  • Trainer: Ashy Bines
  • 15-45 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbells & booty band
  • Full body focused

A focus on improving flexibility and posture, implementing a balanced lifestyle and breaking old habits.

Workout examples: Weighted Legs & Booty, Meditation, Weighted Upper Body, Booty Band Burnout, Yoga


Learn to stabilise your muscles, move with control and gain body awareness

  • Pilates style
  • Trainer: Amy Eagle
  • 20 & 40 min workouts
  • Equipment: Booty band
  • Full body focused

A focus on targeting the less utilised and often weak muscles that make massive improvements in your legs and booty.

Workout examples: All-Over Body, Booty & Legs, Full Body & Sides, Upper Body & Abs, Legs, Abs & Arms.


A perfect balance of high intensity interval training and mobility focused yoga.

  • HIIT & Yoga
  • Trainer: Levi Walz & Erin Bourne
  • 20 - 40 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbbells & booty band
  • Full body focused

A focus on burning calories, gaining strength, preventing injury and maximising mobility.

Workout examples: Full Body Workout, Earth Core, Lower Body, Earth Balance, Upper Body & Core.


Get toned, balanced and connected to the full capabilities of your body

  • Strength training
  • Trainer: Nick Mason
  • 40 - 60 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbbells & booty band
  • Full body focused

Master key movements, learn correct form, tempo, range and focus, manage your reps to maximise your results and really push your body to it’s limits.

4 Workout examples: Chest, Triceps & Arms, Shoulders, Legs & Booty, Mobility/Active Recovery, Legs, Booty & Shoulders.


A beautiful journey of grounding, releasing and connecting through 4 flows of modern yoga practices.

  • Yoga style
  • Trainer: Erin Bourne
  • 20 & 40 min workouts
  • Equipment: No equipment required
  • Full body focused

A focus on taking you deeper and challenging your understanding, connection and body in relation to yoga philosophy.

Workout examples: Flow with Fire, Earth Flow, Building the Fire, Active Fire, Rejuvenation, Water Preparation.


The ultimate challenge for booty toning, building, burning and balancing.

  • All training styles
  • Trainers: Ashy, Levi, Amy, Nick & Moira
  • 20 - 40 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbbells & booty band
  • Booty, hip & thigh focused

Strength, High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, Circuit, Cardio, Yoga and Meditation to transform your booty. 

Workout examples: Hip Lifts, Booty Burn, Stretch, Balanced Booty, Meditation, HIIT, Booty Blast.


Safely move and strengthen your body again after pregnancy or a long break from exercise, with rebuild!

  • All training styles
  • Trainers: Ashy, Levi & Ross
  • 30 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbbells & booty band
  • Full body focused

A focus on building strength and balance, slowly and thoroughly for the best foundation possible.

Workout examples: Core activation, Body Balance. Lower body Balance, Upper Body Balance, Meditation, Post Natal Rebuild.


Our most intense program yet. Short in time, but high in intensity and impact.

  • Boxing style
  • Trainer: Levi Walz
  • 30 min workouts
  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Full body focused

This challenge has 3 main sessions per week (mon, wed, fri), with a meditation and stretch session included. It's fun, it's fast, it's sweaty.

Intermediate and advanced only.



Dedicated to helping you embrace a healthy & balanced lifestyle, Ashy’s sessions represent a supportive, energetic and motivational environment. 


As a certified Nutritionist/Naturopath and Personal Trainer, Levi has a wealth of knowledge and inspires you to fall in love with fitness again. 


Amy’s sessions encourage you to challenge yourself & gain body awareness. With a strong focus on technique, control & having a laugh, you’ll find entertainment & confidence in her classes.


Nick is a passionate and inspiring Personal Trainer and has been a fundamental part of the Ashy Bines brand since the very start. Nick’s purpose is to inspire you to be a healthier, stronger version of yourself.  



You can start when you like, however we feel that you will have increased motivation and sense of community if you start the program together.

We recommend equipment if the challenge states it, however you can definitely complete the challenges body weighted or using household items.

28 days

Each challenge has been carefully collated so that they are balanced. There is one session per day but there are often meditations, stretches or chats - depending on the challenge you have chosen.

You don't have to but we recommend to maximise results!

You will have 28 days plus a few days after the challenge finishes in case you are a little behind at the end.

Search 'Baseline Active' on Facebook and request access. Our customer care team will let you in as soon as possible.

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